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Finding a new way to run our school

We think we run our school pretty well, but you can always improve how you are doing things. We are looking to make some plans for how the school will be not just for the first few years but also for the next few years. We are getting some management consultants to run some sessions to get ideas from everyone from the staff, teachers, parents and even the students. If you would like to know more about how using a management consultant can give a school better feedback and improve its strategic focus, then I think you'll find this blog really useful.


Achieving Better Speech Privacy in an Open Office Setting

16 August 2016
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Sound is particularly critical in the office environment as it affects people's feelings and behaviour. In an open office setting, high noise levels, lack of speech privacy and distraction from conversations can influence the performance of workers. The partial height panels used in open office layouts allow sound to be transmitted more quickly throughout the space. To eliminate distractions in this office set up, it is essential to understand the process of sound transmission and the role of acoustics in achieving speech privacy. Read More …

Ways in Which a Customs Broker Can Help Boost Your Business

15 August 2016
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Most importers and exporters view customs brokerage services as expensive and unnecessary and instead opt for self-clearance. While it may seem inexpensive at first, if you don't have the knowledge and expertise of the customs clearance procedures and regulations, you can waste resources and time. One of the main advantages of using custom brokers is that they are knowledgeable in the complex regulatory requirements. They also have the skills and connections to facilitate a smooth and fast customs clearance process. Read More …

Can you migrate to Australia with a criminal record?

8 August 2016
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If you are looking to migrate to Australia one of the things that can be an issue is having a record. Australia reserves the right to bar entry to anyone deemed not of a good character. Here are some tips on when a criminal record is likely to be an issue and when it is not.  If it's not a crime in Australia You may be fine with a criminal record if the items on your record are not a crime in Australia and are offences that may leave you eligible for refugee status. Read More …

How the Use of a Carbon Dioxide Sensor Can Trigger Air Conditioning Savings

2 August 2016
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The cost of effective ventilation can eat into the profits of commercial property owners. However, significant cost savings can be realised if demand-driven ventilation systems are installed. This article discusses how the integration of a carbon dioxide sensor in the ventilation system can help to lower the cost of ventilating a commercial building. Precise Control of System Functionality Some building owners manage HVAC costs by installing programmable thermostats that can automatically turn off or turn on the HVAC system based on the hours when the building is occupied. Read More …