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We think we run our school pretty well, but you can always improve how you are doing things. We are looking to make some plans for how the school will be not just for the first few years but also for the next few years. We are getting some management consultants to run some sessions to get ideas from everyone from the staff, teachers, parents and even the students. If you would like to know more about how using a management consultant can give a school better feedback and improve its strategic focus, then I think you'll find this blog really useful.


Tips for Choosing the Right Drone Management Firm for Land Surveyors

17 March 2019
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Opportunities for the commercial application of drones traverse several industries, especially when working at heights. For instance, if you run a survey firm, then drones can make your work easy. Nowadays, tasks that would otherwise take a couple of hours or even an entire day can be completed within a few minutes or hours. Therefore, survey personnel is left to concentrate on the most critical part of their work which is making sense of the collected data. Read More …