Ways in Which a Customs Broker Can Help Boost Your Business

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Ways in Which a Customs Broker Can Help Boost Your Business

15 August 2016
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Most importers and exporters view customs brokerage services as expensive and unnecessary and instead opt for self-clearance. While it may seem inexpensive at first, if you don't have the knowledge and expertise of the customs clearance procedures and regulations, you can waste resources and time. One of the main advantages of using custom brokers is that they are knowledgeable in the complex regulatory requirements. They also have the skills and connections to facilitate a smooth and fast customs clearance process. As a new importer or exporter, there are several ways in which using the services of a broker can be beneficial to your business.

Offering expert advice

Expert advice and opinion can be very useful if you are new to customs clearance. The entire procedure requires adequate knowledge of the regulations and compliance requirements. A customs broker will offer expert advice on valuations, customs guidelines, tariffs, and classification of products, all of which are essential in speeding up the clearance process. Reduced clearance time and money can be helpful to the growth of your business.

Accessing new markets

Most customs brokers usually have agents and connections in different borders. As a small business that's seeking to grow, expanding the market across the border can be quite efficient. Customs brokers with a presence on both sides of the border can help in ensuring that your products reach your target market quickly and efficiently. Before hiring a customs broker, it is essential to ask about the various ways in which they can help expand your business by reaching new markets across the border.

Utilising technological tools

Technology is a key aspect of growth in business today, and being able to utilise it effectively during customs clearance can save your company time and money. Many qualified customs brokers today use technological tools such as e-billing, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools, and proprietary imaging solutions. These tools can increase efficiency in customs clearance by, reduce errors in accounting calculations, and eliminate incidences of non-compliance. They can also help keep your business in a good standing with the customs department.

Offering specialised services

Custom clearance guidelines and requirements vary depending on the type of business you conduct. Different customs brokers specialise in the clearance of various products. By choosing one that deals with your line of goods such as spares, textiles or plastics, you will receive expert and specialised services. This is essential for a smooth process.

The amount of time and money used during the customs clearance process can significantly affect the performance of your business. By utilising the services of a customs broker, you can save time, resources, and even reach new markets for your products and services.